What to Do When Your Dog Is Sick?

Unfavorable weather and unhygienic food are two major causes that make a dog sick. Sometimes, in spite of being careful and health conscious, our dogs become sick. When a dog is sick, it can’t sleep, can’t play and can’t even take its regular food. At this critical time, a dog deserves special attention from its owner.

Sickness is also a part of a dog’s life. We can’t avoid it even with painstaking care. But the thing we can do towards our lovely dogs is we can upkeep them for early recovery. In the following section, we will discuss what a dog owner should do when his dog is sick.

How Do You Know Your Dog is Sick?

Before taking care of your dog, you have to identify the nature of sickness. A disease has some particular primary symptoms that become visible at the very beginning of the attack.

Here are some signs of an ill dog:

  1. Blue, white or very pale gums.
  2. Dizziness, imbalance or circling.
  3. Labored breathing.
  4. Collapse or loss of consciousness.
  5. Inability to walk.
  6. Extremely bloated abdomen.

However, you should inform your vet whenever you see any aberration in dog’s sleeping, eating, evacuation and play.  Then the vet will identify the disease that your dog is suffering from.

What Should You Do When Your Dog Is Sick?

Once the disease is identified, you and your dog have to go through a proper caring schedule to get early recovery. That schedule should maintain following activates.

  1. Keep A Notebook

Keep a notebook from the first day of your dog’s treatment. After each meeting with the vet, take note of what the doc urges to do and what he prohibits. You can ensure effective caring for your dog doing this. At the same time, you can also note down the dog’s daily activities like when it urinates, sleeps, eats, etc.

  1. Constant Vet Consultation

From the first day to total recovery, you should maintain continuous communication with the vet. In this respect, you can inform the vet all the updates from your notebook. And if you find anything unusual, either you should take your pet to the vet or you can request the vet to visit your dog.

  1. Give the Right Medicine

Choosing the right medicine is the only way of early and effective recovery. Never give your pet any medicine without the vet’s recommendation. It can happen that the same medicine may not work for the same disease for different dogs. So, it’s better to diagnose the disease first, then start giving the medicine. And when you talk about medicine with the vet, talk about your dog’s medical history; this will help the vet to choose the best cure for your pet.

  1. Maintained Sleep

If anything works best for any kind of sickness other than the medicine, then it will be sleeping or resting.  During the treatment period, make sure that your pet is getting the right amount of resting time. Make a comfortable bed for it. It will be best if its bed is away from noise and dust.

  1. Nutritious Meal

The medicine will be most effective if your dog gets perfect nutritious meals along with the medicine. Nutritious meal empowers the defense cells of the body to fight against the disease with the help of medicine. Another better impact of the nutritious meal is it keeps the dog as strong as possible during its entire period of illness. The meal also helps the body to recover its lost nutrition due to vomiting, urinating or diarrhea.

  1. Exercising

If your dog is suffering from any kind of muscle pain, then when it starts getting better after a certain period, you should make it do some exercises. Moreover, even if your dog had to go through a tight treatment following a tight bed rest, after a few days of treatment, you can take it for a walk with you. Both exercise and walking will develop its muscles and refresh its mind.

What Shouldn’t You Do When Your Dog Is Sick?

  1. Never give human medicine to pets.
  2. Don’t stop giving medicine without vet’s recommendation even if you see some dramatic positive improvement.
  3. Avoid giving regular food if that is prohibited by a vet even if that is nutritious.
  4. Don’t let the affected dog meet and play with other pets of your house if the disease is a contagious disease.

Wrapping Up

Whenever your lovely dog loses its cheerfulness after getting affected by diseases, you shouldn’t be sad. Rather you should take proper care of it so that it can get its lost charm as early as possible. I think now you know what to do when your dog is sick, and you are ready to act accordingly.

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