Safety Tips for Dog Owners

‘Safety First!’

Yes, the quote is true for a pet too. Whatever you do with your dog like playing, dancing, walking, running, jumping or hiding and seeking, every time you have to ensure a safe ground for your lovely pup.

Having a dog in your home is lovely and this loveliness comes with some responsibilities.

With petting a dog, these responsibilities come from two sides, you have to keep your dog safe and sound from its surroundings, at the same time you also have to ensure that your dog is never the cause of threat to its surrounding people and animals’ safety.

So, you have to be very careful and conscious about your dog, to keep it always lovely. To help a dog owner like you, we enlisted here some safety tips that will give you a clear understanding of some major safety issues of your dog.

Safety Tips for The Dog Owners

A dog can’t take care of itself. So, you have to be cautious to keep your dog safe. In the following section, you will get 8 major safety tips that will help you take care of your pet successfully.

  1. Keep Your Dog on A Leash in Public Places

Whether your dog is well trained and well behaved or not, you should keep it on a leash when you walk in a public place. In a busy public street, different types of vehicles run, and there is a possibility of living other harmful animals that can simply injure your lovely pup.

Inversely, if your dog is furious, it can be the reason of fear to the innocent people and kids on the street. So, it’s safe to keep your dog always in control by a leash.

  1. Never Allow Your Dog to Wander Alone

Your home is the safest place for your pet. There are many dangers that could await once your dog is away from your home area, or out of your sight. Even if your pet is good looking and sweet behaved, some people may not like an unknown dog in their boundaries. As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your pet is there where it is allowed to be.

  1. Never Leave Your Pet in The Car

It’s a summer safety tip for the dog owner. Don’t leave your dog inside the car in the parking lot. You may think this is not a big deal, but this can lead your pet to heat stroke! In some states, it is also illegal. So, wherever you left your pet, make sure that there is enough air circulation and enough room to breathe.

  1. Know Your Pup Very Well

Don’t do anything with your dog that it doesn’t like. Your dog may have a personal preference like your dog may not do well with crowds, children or other dogs, respect the dog’s feelings and don’t try to push it. Moreover, when an animal feels threatened, it may do things that you have thought out of its character. So, know your pet very well.

  1. Arrange Regular Medical Checkup

When you keep your dog connected with an experienced vet on a regular basis, it will be safe from any kind of diseases. Even though any dangerous disease accidentally develops, you can detect and start the treatment from the very initial stage through regular checkup. So, take your dog to the vet regularly even if it is safe and healthy.

  1. Don’t Shave Your Pet

Another summer safety tip for your pet. During summer, when the temperature goes high to higher, you may think shaving the skins may make your dog cool and relaxed, don’t do it. Dog’s skin is designed with fur to keep it safe and cool all over the seasons. If you are too concern about your dog’s health, you can trim the fur after talking to a vet.

  1. Pay Attention to Dental Care

Like you, your dog’s teeth can also suffer from gum disease, tooth loss and toothache. You have to take care of them in a proper way. Regular brushing and oral cleaning will help you keep your dog’s teeth strong and healthy. Oral health should always be your concern as your dog may lick you or your kids.

  1. Maintain A First-Aid Kit

And finally, always maintain a first aid box for your dog. You can tackle the primary hazard of any type of health issues just keeping a first aid kit at home. Your dog’s medical box should contain tools like gauze, medical tape, an antiseptic product, hydrogen peroxide and thermometer. Keep the dog’s medical record and nearby clinic contact number as well along with those tools.

Final Words

A dog is cute, but a healthy dog is cuter. To keep your dog safe and sound you should always keep it away from all the physical and mental warnings. Hope your dog is safe around the year.

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