How to Play with Your Dog Without Toys

Dogs are a social animal and the best way to develop understanding, relationship and communication with this affable animal is playing with them.

Playing with your dog regularly helps you to know about your dog’s behavior, personality and strength. And when you know better about your dog’s behavior, you can treat it with all the good ways it likes and can ensure happy living with your family.

Playing with the dog is good for the dog’s mental health as well as physical health, and you can ensure it for your pup playing with toys. What if you don’t have any toys in your home, or you are on travel and want to play with your adorable pup, how do you play?

You still can play some exciting games with your dog even if you don’t have any toys. In the following section, we have discussed five exciting games that you can play with your dog without any dog toys.

5 Games for You to Play with Your Dog without Toys

  1. Hide and Seek

This is the most common type of game we play with our children; this time you can play with your dog. This game doesn’t require any special equipment to play.

To play this game, tell your dog to stay in a certain place, then you hide yourself just near the dog. After a few seconds, call your pup by its name and tell to find you.

After another few seconds, if your dog doesn’t find you, surrender to it by a sweet gesture. Repeat the processes as long as you want.

While playing the game, don’t hide yourself in a corner where your pup has to face obstacles, and there are possibilities of injury. Just make the game easy and enjoyable.

  1. Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is another happy game for dogs. This time you hide something extra smelly and ask your dog to find the hidden objects.

To play this game, find something extra smelly that your dog loves, like a Kong full of peanut butter. Now tell your dog to be in a certain place, then you hide the object somewhere near the dog.

When you are finished, tell your dog to find it out and to give you. A dog relies on its nose more than any other senses. It will find the hidden treasure using its smelling power.

  1. The Chasing Game

You can play this game in many ways; with toys and without toys. If you want to play without toys, you can follow our steps.

Point out a corner/tree/lamppost in an open place. Now tell your pup to run with you to touch the target point. When the pup reaches before you, treat it with a bite of food. Keep playing and feeding your pup, it will definitely enjoy the competition. Playing this game is more interesting with a slow speed dog breed.

  1. The Cup Game

This is also a favorite game to human. It’s a type of guessing game. According to the playing rules, a person hides something under the cups or other types of pots, then he rearranges the cups order and asks the player to find the right cup with hidden things.

To play the game, you need three cups, glass or any type of pots and some smelly dog foods. Now place the cups in an order and place a piece of food under a cup, then rearrange the cups positions.

Finally, tell your dog to find the right cup with the food. When it gets the right one, treat that piece of food to it.

  1. Jumping Rope

It’s another game that doesn’t need any kind of dog toys to play. But this time you need a partner to round the rope. This game also requires practice and concentration of the dog. Once your dog learned to play the game, it will be very much beneficial to its mental and physical health.

To start the game, you and your partner have to hold a rope from two sides, then keep the rope turning in a circular motion and tell your dog to jump in-between the movements of the rope.

Teaching this game takes longer time than others, but once your dog learned to jump maintaining a certain height, this will be very much exciting to it.

Ending Thought

I hope now you can spend some quality time with your pup by playing those exciting games even if you have no toys in your hand. Also, playing without toys will teach your dog to be busy and play with whatever it gets near it rather than being stubborn for the toys.

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