How to Make Your Dog Love You?

Dog is one of the most loved pets around the world and the relationship between a dog and its owner is not a one-sided relationship. The two key reasons behind this successful relationship are human love dogs and dogs are loyal towards the ones who love them.

If you just started petting a dog and searching for ways how to make your dog love you, we can assure you that your dog will love you definitely. To develop a delightful relationship between you and your dog (even with your family members), you have to follow some golden rules.

Here are those actionable strategies to improve the relationship bonding between you and your dog.

  1. Keep It with You

Whenever you stay at your home, try to spend your time with your dog as much as possible. When you would be with it consistently, it will start to consider you as its member of the pack. You can watch movies with your pup. If you work from home, you can also make a seat for your dog just beside you. It also helps you reduce your work stress.

  1. Go for A Walk with Your Dog

Can’t you find a friend as your exercising partner? You can make your dog your exercising partner. You can go for morning jogging with it. And in the evening, you can have some relax walk or go sightseeing with your puppy. If you have any strong breed dog, you can also make it your running partner.

  1. Serve Food

Anyone offers food to an animal will get love in return. You can prepare the dog meal and serve it by yourself regularly to the dog. After a few days, it will get to know that you are the real caretaker, and it will start showing you some adorable gesture. During the meal preparation, you can also do some chitchat with it. I hope after a few days of your monologue chat, it will start replying shaking its legs, tail and making some sweet sound.

  1. Make A Comfortable Living

After preparing a good meal, you can also make a comfortable living space for your doggy. The living area should be quiet and calm. If the dog can sleep well, it will be more cheerful around the day. During the sleeping time, you can spend some time expressing your love doing some adorable gesture.

  1. Take Care During Sickness

You probably acquainted with the quote “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. When you take care of your dog when it is sick, a special feeling will develop in the dog’s mind for you. Whether it is man or animal, they become helpless when they are affected by diseases. If anyone shows cordial attitude to them at their struggling period, they show loving gesture to that person rest of the time. So, serving your sick dog you can also make your dog love you too.

  1. Take It Away During Vacation

Don’t just spend time with your dog inside your house. Count your dog as your family’s hangout partner. The dog will discover itself as an integral part of your family, and who doesn’t love his family?

  1. Play Some Game

Whether you are in the home or outside of the home, whenever you get some free time, play with the dog. Because playing is one of the best ways of melting the ice between persons. You can play Frisbee, football, tug of war, flirt pole and other exciting game with your dog.

  1. Give It Some Toys

When all of you are busy with yourselves, give your dog some toys to play.  It won’t be bored when it has something to play with. And if it is always busy with itself, no hate feeling will grow inside its mind for you and your family.

  1. Don’t Punish

Well, punishing is not totally bad, it keeps the dog to be within its limit. But when you are going through a relationship developing process with your puppy, you should not punish it. If your dog does some irritating activities like throwing toys, its meal or keeps barking loudly, you can show some warm gesture ordering to stop. If it doesn’t work, you can admonish it.

Summing Up

To make an animal love you is easier than to do it for a person. And if that animal is a dog, it will be super easy as they are famous for their loyal attitude to their master. I hope you will be able to build a lovely relationship with your dog following my strategies.

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