How to Make A Dog Poop?

Evacuation is a natural process. It is the last stage of both human and animal consumption cycle. They both take food, then the body digests that food, and finally the body itself evacuates the wastage.

If a dog can’t evacuate regularly, it doesn’t feel good while sleeping, walking and playing around the day. Sometimes this inability of evacuation leads the dog to some diseases.

However, if you are a new dog owner or you are facing problem to make your dog poop regularly, we are going to help you providing 5 effective strategies of making a dog poop on a regular basis.

Strategies to Make A Dog Poop

When your dog doesn’t defecate, it’s a worrisome situation for every one of your family. This situation turns even worse when you and family are planning to go for a short trip with your lovely pup.

Hopefully knowing following strategies, you can avoid any unwanted situation regarding your dog defecation both inside and outside of the house.

  1. Maintain A Potty Schedule

This should be your first step. Make a potty schedule according to the meal schedule of your dog. For this, you have to monitor when your dog goes to the toilet after taking the meal. When you got the time, you can adjust its evacuation time with the mealtime considering your free time at the home.

On the other hand, without adjusting the mealtime, you can also change your schedule according to your dog potty time. For example, if you notice that your dog defecates in the morning or evening or both, you can manage free time from your schedule to take it to the toilet at that time regularly.

Whatever schedule you follow, make sure that you are continuing that schedule. After a few days, it will be natural for the dog and you don’t have to be tensed about the dog’s potty time at all.

  1. Find A Quiet Place

Would you like to defecate in a public place where people will watch you doing your natural evacuation?  Dogs also do not like to evacuate in a nosy public place. They want a quiet and private place to do their business.

So, find a quiet spot for your dog to evacuate. Try to find a spot with privacy and limited distractions, and make this your dog’s regular place of defecation. When a dog uses the same place for its need on a regular basis, it will begin to feel that being in that place means it has to defecate. And if you are outside of your house, also find a corner that is less noisy and less populated.

  1. Belly Rubbing

If you find that your dog is not doing its regular defecation, you can rub around its bally. Before bringing your pup outside to do its doody, give it a soft belly massage following a clockwise motion. This belly rubbing stimulates muscles and gets blood flow. It also stimulates the dog’s bowels and helps the things flow.

Massaging around the belly not only stimulates the bowels, but it also helps the dog to be relaxed and stress-free. And the fact is when we are relaxed, the evacuation becomes easier than when our muscles are tensed and anxious.

  1. Physical Exercise

We all know that physical exercise is good for a dog’s muscles building, but the less known fact is it also helps a dog to evacuate its body wastage regularly. Basically, lack of exercise causes the sluggishness of the dog’s bowels. So, in order to keep the bowels active, you’ll have to get your pup moving.

You probably noticed an interesting fact that dogs often do evacuation while they are out for a walk. So, walking can be the right choice of daily dose of exercise for your dog.

However, if you stay at home most of the time, you can play games to keep your dog on the go. In this regard, agility work or scent work are two great activities that may help you to keep your dog active and the bowels moving.

  1. Teach A Command

Teaching a specific cue word for doing a particular job is a favorite technique to the pet owners. You can apply this technique to make your dog to defecate. When you take your pup to its potty place, use a cue word to command it to do its job. And when the dog completes its job, treat it with a bite of its favorite food.

For first few days, your dog may ignore your command, but eventually, when it gets that you are rewarding it for following a specific command, it will also get what you are expecting while making the command. Later, it will do its evacuation quickly expecting a reward from you.

Final Words

Most of the dog owners around the world have been following these techniques to make their pets evacuate, and we hope you will find them effective for your dog too. Once your dog gets used to any of these, your job of taking care will be easier and you will never have to worry about how to make a dog poop!

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