How to Deal with Dogs Barking

Dogs are sweet, not a barking dog.

Barking is a usual dog behavior, but when a dog keeps barking constantly, it is totally unexpected. A barking dog can drive the owners and the neighbors crazy.

You can’t totally abolish barking from a dog as it is a natural behavior and a form of dog’s communication, but surely you can train up your puppy to lessen barking.

In the following section, we discussed 3 major reasons why a dog barks, and their solutions, and later we provided some random solutions for the barking problem as well.

Three Major Barking Reasons and Their Solutions

  1. Barking When Dogs Are Left Alone

This is a kind of attitude generally known as “Separation Anxiety”, because your dog after separation becomes anxious. When a dog is separated for a certain period, it not only barks also starts chewing, injuring themselves, escaping and excessive digging.

The reason behind this anxiety is fear. This fear emerges when you and your family members suddenly go outside leaving the dog alone in the home, and after a certain period, it discovers itself alone in the house! In these circumstances, the dog starts thinking that something unexpected happens with its owner and its lovers!

Solution:  A permanent solution to this problem can be, train your dog as if it thinks he is the owner and leader of the pack. You can develop this mental sense in your dog’s brain through training, command and some leadership behavior. Then when you and your family leave the house, it will think that you left it as the protector of your house. Moreover, you can leave some toys and food for the pup so that it can pass its boring time.

  1. Barking When Dogs Are in Danger

If a dog sees or feels something is going wrong and thinks someone of its pack should deal with the situation, it starts barking loudly. The reasons why a dog is barking can be inside your house or outside of the house.

Suppose your dog hears a noise and jumps up, runs over to the window and starts barking at the people outside of your house. Or you drop something on the floor that makes a loud sound, hearing the sound your dog may feel something wrong is going to happen with its pack. A dog also feels unsafe and barks when it sees other dogs or animals inside or near the house.

Solution: If you got that your dog runs to windows or doors and starts barking, you can show it thankful gratitude for warning you, and show it the outside opening the door to make it understand that nothing serious has happened.

Also, if it barks responding inside noise and chaos, you can tell the dog that there is no matter to be worried about, and of course thank it for its response.

  1. Barking When Dogs Want Something

A dog starts barking when it wants something. Like your dog is playing with your children and at a certain time, it wants a missing toy which it has played with. Or you or your child is playing with the ball at a certain point if your child doesn’t pass the ball it barks. On the other hand, when the dog becomes hungry and needs of food, it barks to draw the master’s attention.

Solution: If the reason behind barking is hunger, then you should respond and give the dog its meal as early as possible. However, you can plan a meal schedule for your pup to avoid irritating barking.

In other cases, if the dog is barking for toys or to continue the play, you can simply ignore it. If you start responding again and again for meeting its demands, this demanding may turn into a bad habit of your pup.

Some Other Strategies to Deal with Barking

  1. When a dog is sick and suffers severe pain in its body and muscles it barks. At this time, you should consult with your vet and take an immediate step for the dog’s health betterment.
  2. If your dog is barking for attention, they are craving a response from you. At this situation, you shouldn’t respond to it, rather walk few steps forward ignoring it. When it stops barking, give it the treat to make it understand that you don’t like barking.
  3. Sometimes puppy barks when it becomes exhausted staying at a certain place. In this situation, you can go for a relaxing walk outside of your house with your pup.
  4. Dogs also start barking when they need to evacuate. To solve this, you can create a realistic potty schedule based on the age of your pup.

Final Words

Above discussed strategies are some effective solutions for a barking dog. But, by chance, if you find your dog is stubborn and does not stop barking, you have to go for other serious processes that are developed for stubborn dogs.

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