How to Build A Dog House with Porch

A dog house is the most favorite place to a dog.

The dog loves this place because it can do whatever it wants inside its house. Simply it can be itself inside of the house.

When we play, joke and gossip with the dog, we normally choose our space as a playground. But as a pet owner, you should have a dedicated corner for your dog.

Because dogs can play sharing our living space, but when they are sad or sick, they feel the need for a place where they can be free from all chaos and noise and be protected. So, if you pet a dog, you should ensure a separate living space for it.

Buying a readymade dog house is the shortest way of ensuring a house for the dog.

Moreover, if you want to build a house by yourself, you can also do that. And, the best part of building a dog house by yourself is you can build the best house for a particular budget range.

However, if you want to build your dog living room by yourself, you can follow our house building steps. We discussed a detailed plan on how you build a house for a dog with a porch.

Building A Dog House with Porch: Step by Step Guide

In this section, we discussed the building steps of a simple yet standard dog house that is made of plywood. So, even if you are a beginner, you will be successful in building a house for your lovely dog.

Steps of Building A Dog House

Step-1: Preparation

You have to gather a list of tools before moving to the making process, the list includes…

  1. 2 – 3/4″ Sheets of Plywood
  2. 1 Pack of Cedar Shingles
  3. 1 – 2×4 for Trim
  4. Admiral Blue Paint
  5. Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive
  6. Silicone Caulk

Step-2: Cut two ‘sides’ from the plywood

First of all, cut two pieces of board from the plywood for the left and right sides of the house. Once you cut one side, use that one as your templet for another side. The roof of the house needs a special type of shape. So, cut the upper side of the two side-boards by angle. You can use the straight edge to cut them out.

Step-3:  Cut the front and back panels

Again cut two boards from the original plywood for the front and the back of the house. While cutting, keep the front board higher than the back board. Also, make angles on the front board so that it matches perfectly with the sides.

Step-4: Cut the door space and bars

Cut out the door using the jigsaw. Cut it according to your need. Moreover, if you want to ensure more strength to the house, you can cut 4-6 wooden bars from a solid piece of wood.

Step-5: Make all the pieces together

Once you are done with all the cuttings, put them together using the wood adhesive. When the adhesive goes solid, nail around the joints of the boards.

Step-6:   Cut the floor and the roof

You can do all the cuttings before this step from one sheet of plywood. Now from the second sheet, you have to cut the roof and floor panel of the house. Here the floor board will be the longest and the roof board will be slightly lengthier and wider than the area of the open roof.

Step-7: Attach the floor with the sides and ends

Placing the right brackets on the edges of the floor sheet, attach the upper body of the house with the floor panel. After that, apply the silicone caulk around the attachment to seal the gaps.

Step-8: Setup the roof

Most of the makers directly attach the roof with the house, but we planned to attach it with the help of hinges. This kind of attachment will allow you to clean the house effortlessly. However, as you are not setting the roof permanently on the house, you can install two or three supporting bars to keep the house solid in its shape.

Step-9: Setup the porch roof

If you keep some extra inches of your roof board, you don’t need to make an extra roof for the porch. However, using the wastage pieces of plywood, you can simply shape an extra porch roof. And using the nailer, you can attach it just 2/3-inches above the door.

Some Extra Steps…

If you follow all the above-mentioned steps, you will have a basic dog house for a medium size dog. However, you can modify this basic design for better durability and stylish look. Some suggestions are given below.

  1. You can paint all the house with different colors to give it a stylish and modern look.
  2. You can put the wastage part of the plywood on the front, porch floor and around the joint of floor and body. This will support the structure for longer durability.
  3. By nailing with different size of nails on each joint, you can ensure a firm attachment of the parts.

Wrapping Up

There are multiple ways to build a dog house. But if you want to make a safe and simple leaving space for your dog, you can make that following our step by step guide. And, whatever design you follow for your dog house, always make sure that it has ample comfortable room inside.

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