How to Bond with Your New Puppy

When you bring a new puppy to your house for the first time, it will feel awkward and shy. It will discover itself in the middle of an unknown group of people. Rather than being playful and cheerful, it will remain silent!

But the good news is this period will not last long. If you and your family start showing your love and affection to it, like a human, a pet also takes a few days to get its mood on in a new environment.

If you have just brought your lovely pup in your home and want to grow a strong bonding between you and the pup, you can go through this content to know how to bond with your new puppy.

How to Create Solid Bonding with Your Puppy

You can break the ice of the relationship between you and pup following some behavioral strategies. Some of the actionable strategies are discussed below.

  1. Create A Welcoming Environment

First impression always matters. So, create a warm welcoming environment for your pup before you leave the house to bring it in your home.

A warm welcoming ambiance includes a spacious comfy bed, some colorful toys and a dish of delicious puppy food. A puppy will definitely feel overwhelmed seeing such an arrangement.

  1. Arrange A Warm Introduction Party

After reaching home with the pup, arrange an introduction session in the next evening. Introduce your family members to the pup. Also request your family members to call by its name and show some loving gesture to it, whenever they pass beside the pup’s living space.

  1. Keep the Environment Calm

A puppy becomes scared and anxious in new surroundings. So, try to keep your home relatively calm. You can ask your friends and family members to be quiet and avoid startling the puppy. Also for a few days, avoid any types of parties or inviting a large group of people to your home. A peaceful surrounding will help your pup feel safe, and this safe feeling will allow it to be friend with you more easily.

  1. Accept the Learning Curve

Your new pup has a lot to learn when it gets into a new environment. First few days, the pup may not choose the right place to rest, to sit or to pee. At this time, you should gently teach it to do things the right way. You shouldn’t admonish the pup at all. Always be patient, and let your puppy know when it’s being good or doing well.

  1. Play Together

Playing is one of the most effective ice breaking activities. You can play some soft game inside or outside of the house with your pup. During the game, when the pup becomes indulged in playing, the pup will forget itself for a while that it is in a new house and with new people. And this feeling will help to grow some solid relationship vibes in the pup’s mind for you and your family.

  1. Have A Chitchat with The Pup

Whenever you get free time, do some chitchat with your pup. Continue your chatting even if you don’t get any response from the other side. If you do this day after day, the pup will feel you are caring about it, and after a few days, it will start responding to you.

  1. Treat the Dog

Offering food is always a good way of breaking the ice of a new relation. Other than just schedule feeding, you can offer some extra bites of food to the pup. You can do this every day when you meet with your puppy after coming back from your work.

Moreover, you can also treat your pup whenever you notice anything positive in your pup’s behavior. It will develop communication as well as encourage the pup to do positive things.

  1. Walk with The Pup

Make your new member of your family your jogging and walking partner. Walk along the natural beauty, it will refresh both of your minds and a refreshed mind always cultivates the seeds of a new relationship.

On the other hand, in an outside environment, when your pup discovers you as its only known face among hundreds of unknown faces, it will also start loving you.

Summing Up

Pups are even more loving and easier to bond with than other matured dogs. So, when you start doing those above-mentioned activities with your pup regularly, after a certain period of time, it will be very loyal and loving towards all of your family members.

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