How to Bathe Your Dog?

Bathing is the best way to keep your dog always clean and fresh.

A clean dog is adorable to every member of the house and also the dog itself feels fresh around the day, around the week. Again, bathing keeps the dog clean and a clean dog remains healthy around the month, around the year.

So, by giving your dog bath regularly, you can ensure the wellness of its physical and mental health.

But, the fact is dogs do not like taking bath, they want to skip their bath time.  However, we are going to guide you how you can bathe your dog and how can you make your dog’s bathing enjoyable.

How to Bathe A Dog?

Giving a proper bath to a dog takes only 15 to 30 minutes. And if you can do this following our steps, the bathing will be an enjoyable moment for your dog.  Here we have discussed the bathtub bathing. No matter how small or big your dog is, you can bathe it following the below steps.

Step-1: Preparation

Gather everything you need. Bathing a dog in bathtub requires:

  1. Hand globes.
  2. Cotton balls.
  3. A comb.
  4. Three towels.
  5. Dog shampoo.
  6. A cup or bowl for rinsing.

While choosing the shampoo, always follow your vet’s recommendation. The shampoo should be friendly with your dog skin. Never use man’s shampoo for the dog, it may cause dog itching.

Step-2: Prepare the Dog

  1. Brush up the entire body of your dog, this will remove tangles out of the fur.
  2. Put the cotton balls at the opening of the ears to stop water from entering into the ears.
  3. If your dog has any mat/leash/fastener, cut them out with scissors.

Step-3: Prepare the Bathtub

  1. Lay down a towel on the surface of the tub so that the dog can be balanced and stable in the tub.
  2. Fill the tub with warm water and do this before your dog enters into the bathroom because some dogs do not like the water filling sound. Fill up to a certain level of the tub, considering your dog’s height.
  3. Keep the door always closed during the washing period. It will keep the ambiance of the bathroom warm.

Step-4: Bathing

First, with a cup or handle shower, pour some water on your dog from the head to tail, then apply shampoo all over the body. While applying, make sure that you cover all the body including toe, ears and the potty area. You can also use a comb to make sure that the cleaner reaches each and every root of the fur.

Now, pour more water and finish the bath. Don’t lengthen your washing. If the shampoo dries on the dog’s skin, it may cause itching.

Step-5: Drying

Finally, dry out the dog’s fur using the towels. First, scrub all over the dog’s body gently with one towel to soak the extra water, you can also leave this towel on the dog for a few minutes for better soaking. Then absorb rest of the water using the second towel.

Moreover, you can use your hair dryer for drying your dog, but make sure that the dryer is emitting a comfortable heat for the dog.

How to Make Your Dog’s Shower Enjoyable?

As dogs are reluctant to take the bath, you can show some lovely gesture to them before, during and after the bath. Such as…

  1. Prepare your dog for the bath when you and your dog both are in a jolly and playful mood.
  2. When you pour water and wash the dog, do some jokes with it so that it considers the cleaning a kind of game.
  3. When you finish the bath, treat your dog with a bite of its favorite food as a reward of its discipline and gentle attitude during the bath.

Considering Factors while Bathing the Dog

  1. Ensure that no water or soap enters into the dog’s eyes.
  2. Dry out your dog properly as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may smell bad, or the dog will want to rub itself on furniture and carpet.
  3. Wear a bathing suit if you don’t want to wet yourself during the bath or by the dog’s shake after or amid the washing.
  4. And, clean your dog’s ears carefully during the bath to reduce the chance of yeast growth and discomfort.

Wrapping Up

Giving a bath to the dog is good for its physical and mental health, but you shouldn’t do it on a daily basis. For the best result, you can make a bath schedule for the dog keeping your dog’s daily activities and breed in mind.

And always try to make the bathing enjoyable for your dog.

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